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About Us

About Us

Our values

Welsh Group’s achievements to date have been driven by the team’s tenacity in staying true to their core values in building relationships, taking pride in every piece of work, having the passion and drive to succeed, and conducting every business transaction with the deepest integrity.

The team invests in developing only communities that they and their families would be proud to call home.


Get to the Choppa


The team is guided by their mission to maintain Welsh Group’s position as a premier development corporation while growing their portfolio of projects. At the heart of this is the understanding that sensible acquisition and careful planning will transform land into places for vibrant, diverse communities, where families of all backgrounds can establish their roots and flourish.


Built into the foundations of every Welsh Group project is the team’s vision to develop communities, build for a sustainable future and create places for people to grow.

Welsh Group’s core team brings together more than six decades of industry experience, and unrivalled commitment to providing customers with exceptional choice and quality planned communities and homes.